For being a Wedding Planner- I found myself to be a very non-traditional bride.

I had all these fantastic ideas of how to switch it all up, but the one thing I knew from the very day Zee and I got engaged was that I was going to have a bridal party.

I was starting to believe I was the only one in the world who wanted to have my girls be a special part of such a big day- but also wanted the intimacy at the alter of just Zee and I standing with our officiant. I researched the bridesmaid concept I had in my head. It almost felt like I was asking the internet for permission to have a bridal party that didn’t stand at the alter- which is downright silly. Ladies, I cannot stress this enough. This is your day! You have all the right to do whatever it is you want to do on your wedding day!

My bridal brain had me feeling like standing at the alter was a bridesmaids only role. Upon reflection, a bridesmaid is so much more. For me, a Bridesmaid is your closest ladies (or gents) who will offer much needed support on what will inevitably be one of the most emotional days of your life. They are someone who will be there from the very start of the day to share mimosas, laughs, tears and affirm your incredible selection of gown!

I read plenty of forums about the etiquette and “how to” of not having a bridal party and although some where helpful- I didn’t find the answers I was looking for. Then I heard about a Southern term called a “House Party”. A group of ladies who would join you in the bridal party festivities but typically sit in the front row with the family, and that was my answer.

My Version of a Bridesmaid:

Our Venue, Dreamcrest Manor had accommodations, so the bridal party was able to stay the night. They were there with me to get ready together, take pre-ceremony photo’s and to share a mimosa and some breakfast with! Because Zee and I had decided to spend the night prior and morning of a part, this was definitely a good call. I would have been so lonely!

They wore similar dresses. I love this part, it’s the next best thing to choosing your own bridal gown! Once that’s over and done with, get the ladies together to pick out their special outfit for the day.

Originally I had intended to give a gift of corsages instead of bouquets, since the girls wouldn’t be standing and I thought they’d just ditch the bouquets to eat and dance after the ceremony anyway- But after chatting with girls we landed on a bouquet… and a floral crown. The crown was more my vibe. Blue Blossoms did our florals and they were absolutely beautiful. The crowns were a great choice and looked beautiful all night long!

Those matching robes though. I couldn’t help myself from jumping on board this trend. There is just something so irresistibly adorable to not have all my girls drinking mimosas in matching silk robes the morning of. Finding mine on Wish for $8 a piece helped too!

My girls also took part in all the fun pre-wedding events and even planned an incredible Bachelorette part for me downtown! We had a blast at a pole dancing class, ordering Thai food (from Sukho Thai– if you’ve not been- highly recommend) to the hotel suite and then hitting the town afterward!

What ways are you honouring the special people in your life on your wedding day?

Thank you to all these lovely ladies for participating, supporting me and being such incredible people overall.

A huge thank you to Delightful Snapshots for capturing our wedding so perfectly!

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