You’ve decided to get married! Congratulations!

You’ve done the hard stuff… you’ve found your dream partner, chosen show stopping outfits, and booked the perfect venue to exchange your vows. Now, you’re in the 90 day stretch- It’s time to get real!

First things first; get your marriage license from City Hall.

  • Fill out this fun form to save yourself some time
  • Collect your two pieces of I.D each (One with a photo)
  • Choose the Town Hall you’d like to collect it from (some cities, townships require you to call ahead)
    • If you’re looking for a road trip moment: Havelock, Ontario charges $100
    • Most townships and cities in the Durham region charge $125
    • The township of Brock charges $120
    • Scugog and Whitby charge $130

Alright, so you have your marriage license in hand. Woo-hoo! Cross that baby off your to-do list! (That’s my favorite part)

My suggestion is to arrange with your officiant to drop it off with him at least a week before the wedding. Most officiant will ask you do this anyway, but if they don’t, I recommend asking.

If you’re a forgetful bride, or just want to make things as smooth as possible- plan to pick up your certificate on the same day you’ve planned with your officiant to drop it off to him or her. This way there’s no losing it! Don’t forget to give your officiant the envelope too!

Now, this is the easy part. Grab some bubbly and enjoy this moment with your hubby- s*** just got real!


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